About The Dances


Traditional Argentine Tango


Learn Argentine Tango as it's danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires!

This beautiful, intimate, and elegant dance is based on a foundation of embrace, improvisation, musicality, and connection. Learning Argentine Tango is less about learning steps than it is about learning to let go.

It's not difficult; Argentine Tango is a social dance and can be learned by anyone of any age, physical condition, or level of experience.



About Our Classes


Beginner Tango

Beginner Tango is open to anyone (two left feet is fine) and will teach you everything you need to know to start dancing and enjoying Argentine Tango. This six-week session covers the essential technique including embrace, posture, and walk, and introduces the essential movements including walking variations, pauses, weight shifts, el basico, and ochos.

  • Most students will take this class multiple times to master the basics.


Tango Movements

Tango Movements will expand your repetoire and give you new ways to express the music. Movements taught will vary each session but will include various ochos, giros, sacadas, paradas, boleos, and more!

  • Open to anyone with Beginner Tango or equivilent experience.
  • To take this class you must also take either Beginner Tango or Tango Technique at the same time.
  • Most students will take this class multiple times, as Movements taught will vary each session.


Tango Technique

The overall goal of this class is to learn to be more enjoyable to dance with! Tango Technique will refine your technique and understanding of the theory of the dance, taking your dancing to the next level. You will learn to make your embrace more comfortable, your walk stronger and more consistent, and your posture more stable. This class will also cover musicality.
  • Open to anyone with Beginner Tango and Tango Movements or equivilent experience.
  • You may need to have taken previous classes more than once as you should be comfortable dancing socially in a milonga.


Tango Practica

This is an opportunity to practice what you've learned. Music will be playing and you'll have the opportunity to dance with everyone present. At least one instructor will be on hand to answer questions, offer advice, or even dance with you!

  • Open to everyone! These are free for anyone taking any of our classes.