Who Are We?


Jesse McCrosky, Founder of Argentine Tango Saskatoon and Instructor


Although no longer teaching in Saskatoon, Jesse stays an integral part of the community. It is his passions that saw that saw the community created and grow to what it is today.

Jesse recently spent four months in Buenos Aires dancing in the milongas and training with the masters of the dance. Some of his influential teachers, in no particular order, include: Andrés Laza Moreno, Andrea Missé, Natacha Poberaj, Enriqueta Kleinman, Graciela Gonzalez, Daniel Nacucchio, Cristina Sosa, Susana Miller, Maria Plazaola and the other teachers of the Academia Tango Milonguero.

Jesse is also a teacher of yoga and meditation and has taught various other styles of dance. His teaching philosophy recognizes that the learning process must be enjoyable and presented in a relaxed environment.

Click here to view some past student comments about Jesse's teaching.

  • Constanze once said "Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!" This is what I like about Jesse's tango classes, he keeps dancing real and authentic. Dancing is not about showing off, but rather a connection, connection not only with your partner but also with the other dance couples as well as the live band if you are lucky to have one.
    • Rozalia Kasleder
  • You’re extremely special, man. You have done so much to make these concepts accessible and non-threatening to us newcomers. For years, I’ve had a temperament and world view that made me very accepting of yoga, even when facing it for the first time in your class. You’ve given me a few tools to continue with it on my own.

    But with the dance, you’ve cured me of a bad attitude that I’d picked up with way too many bad experiences... You’ve let me relax my guard toward dance, and even have a bit of fun stumbling with it.
    • Dan Sutherland
  • You're an excellent instructor. You keep it simple with the basic theory and at the same time keep it interesting. I enjoy the background theory that you give us in class, as it sets the theme and mood for the dance. You are an excellent instructor, not afraid to correct but always doing it very kindly. 

    Thank you for all of your time,  I look forward to returning to learn more. 
    • Noel Muckalt
  • I wanted to let you know that I had so much fun in your class...What a great experience for the non dancer me. You have made me appreciate the dance lessons. You made them fun, interesting and passed on an abundance of information.
    • Deb Edmison
  • Thanks again for your wonderful class. Tara and I both had a really great time. I wanted to take a minute and point out the aspects I really liked about the class.

    First of all, I really liked how you were teaching and leading rather than just instructing and correcting as most dance classes are. It really makes it a lot more fun to dance when you aren't getting pointers the whole time. We had taken a ballroom class before and learned far more with you than in our other class. I learned to enjoy dancing rather than just memorize a few steps.

    Another thing I really enjoyed was starting the class with some yoga. I think it helped to bring everyone (total strangers!) to the same level, de-stressed us all, and put everyone in the mood to dance.

    As someone with zero yoga experience and minimal dance experience I feel this class was a great idea and I really enjoyed it.
    • Andrew Donivan and Tara

Ronan Lefol, Organiser and Web Design


Ronan had never danced before taking his first tango class with Jesse in April of 2011, but he proved himself to be a very quick student. His natural sense of dignity and softness in the dance places his among Saskatoon's best leads.

He now offers his technical skills, creativity, and enthusiasm to help build and maintain our website.

Jannet Tam, Graphic Design


A long time fan of dance, Jannet just began her journey with the Argentine Tango. She found her way to Jesse's Argentine Tango class at the end of March 2011. It was perfect timing as she had been wanting to learn the dance for years. The traditional-styled tango was not the flashy dance she expected. However delving into the dance and culture taught at Argentine Tango Saskatoon, Jannet learned a deeper appreciation for the dance. After taking a couple of intensive tango workshops held throughout the year along with the spring and summer session classes, Jannet has found a lifelong love in the Argentine Tango. Through this dance she has learned such an appreciation for the intricacies of the dance in its simplicity. There may not be a lot of twists and turns, but the beauty of the dance has definitely transformed her life and the way she sees herself.

As the dance has given to her, Jannet chose to give back by volunteering her services as graphic artist/designer for the club's website and promotional materials.



We're always looking for more volunteers and new ideas! E-mail us if you think you can help out.

Previous Volunteers

There are also other individuals which have provided much of their time and efforts for the tango community. Although they may no longer take active roles in the community their contributions are not any less.

Kristen Roberts, Instructor


Kristen started her dance career teaching various styles of ballroom in Calgary but has since discovered the Argentine Tango and has been teaching with Jesse since the beginning of 2009.

She's now a new mother of Andy Jay Roberts, but still finds plenty of time for dancing.

Sandra Herron, Operations Manager


Sandra discovered the Argentine Tango fairly recently but fell quickly in love with the dance and has proven herself to be a very quick student.

She's works very hard to keep things running smoothly and is involved in all aspects of the group's activites. Starting this fall, she will also be teaching Beginner Tango and Tango Movements with Jesse.

Barbara Bordalejo, DJ


Barbara sets the mood at our milongas with the best of golden age tango. Whether due to her Argentine blood or her training with master Tango DJs, she manages to recreat the feel of the Buenos Aires milongas right here in Saskatoon.

She's also a teaching assistant in some of our classes, sharing her wealth of knowledge and passion for the dance.

Barbara is also the proud owner of the largest Comme Il Faut collection in Saskatoon.

Joshua Block, Instructor and UofS Club President


Joshua is a newcomer to the scene, but has already claimed his place among Saskatoon's best Tango dancers.

He brings his considerable energy and enthusiasm to all our events and is looking forward to teaching Beginner Tango starting this fall.